Rejuvenate Your Leather HandBag

Repairs, Cleaning, Restoration & Colour Correction

Chanel Handbag Repairs and cleaning services

We offer the highest quality and most advanced leather repair services anywhere.

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About Us

Leather HandBag Repair, Specialist Leather Bag Repairs and Luxury Goods Repairs.

We believe in the finest quality Leather Bag Repair and Handbag Spa service possible.

Our aims are to ensure we are always exceeding our customers expectations, with all aspects of a Leather HandBag Repair.

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Handbag Spa Services

Cleaning restoration, colour correction.

The services we offer are tailored to your exact requirements and needs. All item’s that come to us get one of our unique handmade fabric dust bags to return your item in, even items that come to us in a bag that have a treatment will be supplied with one of these items free of charge. Each bag is also stuffed with the finest merino wool known to man. The Handbag Spa Services are the finest around.

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Leather Care Plan

Leather Care Plan – Protect your handbags with a leather care plan

What you don’t get advised the day you purchase your leather item is it should be conditioned & protected at once. Having a structured leather care plan to keep your handbags in perfect condition is essential.
This should be the first thing you do as soon as you take delivery your new leather handbag, furniture, car interior or other item of leather.
Along with our leather care plan for leather handbags, we also provide a stain cover plan, that starts at just £2.95 per month.

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