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July 24, 2013
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Handbag Lining Cleaning Tips

this is a typical handbag lining with ink stains and dirt that has built up over the years, to get handbag lining cleaning tips visit our spa page

Handbag Lining Cleaning Tips   How To Clean My Handbag Lining

Find out some great handbag lining cleaning tips. A beautiful designer handbag is a statement to some people, keeping your handbag looking its best inside and out is very important to its on-going value.

The inside lining of a handbag can get some heavy use, with the day to day items you place in it, keys, make up tissues, pens and more.

You will need a special cleaner to clean the inside of your handbag. Get more handbag lining cleaning tips and full advice below.

The first part of the cleaning process is to remove as much debris from the inside of the handbag and then to lightly hoover the interior to remove dust particles.

To begin to cleaning this can be done by turning the lining inside out first of all, then its suggest that the lining is folded over a towel. Use a sponge that has been saturated with the handbag fabric cleaner and then wring it out and wipe down the fabric lining with the sponge soaked in the fabric cleaning solution.

The towel that was placed under the lining will absorb the excess solution if there is any.

If you get any fabric cleaning solution on the leather hand wipe the bag down to dry this off the leather at once.

You can then repeat the cleaning process until the lining is fully cleaned.

If  the lining is a fixed lining and you can not turn the lining inside out, follow the above  process with a very wrung out sponge. Then its suggest to fold a towel and place it with in the bag,  leaving this for 30 minutes to absorb any moisture. if you require any more handbag lining cleaning tips, contact us today

The leave the handbag open and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Ink stains on handbag linings can produce its own problems and its not always possible to remove them. There are many factors why this is not always possible

1/ It may be possible that the ink is not soluble with the water based ink and stain removers

2/ Solvent based ink and stain removers may not be compatible with the ink or stain to remove them

3/ The ink or stain may not come out with a pre spotter as again it may not be compatible with the ink or stain.

Cleaning ink from handbag linings may not be possible due to several factors, this could be down to the type of material used in manufacturing the handbag, like faux linings, or even faux suede linings are very problematic. For professional handbag lining cleaning tips get in touch with us.

The most important thing to remember with any luxury or designer handbag is NEVER wash this in a machine, it requires specialist professional care

The other most important factor to cleaning the inside of a handbag is that it will kill approx 99% of the bacteria build up when this is done correctly with deodorisers, sanitizer and degreasers. Visit our page today if you want to learn more about handbag lining cleaning tips

One problem we do face with cleaning the interior of handbags is there is no such requirements for handbag manufacturers to place a label on the inside stating what materials have been used like you get within the clothing industry.

So with any cleaning of handbag linings,  no one such product will always work and most of the time its an educated guess as to what cleaners are best to use for the situation at hand.

There are so many methods for removing ink stains another is using hairspray, but this requires professional help to do this effectively and correctly or you can cause further damage. If you want to find out about more handbag lining cleaning tips please visit our page today

 Below is a picture of a handbag lining with typical ink stain.

this is a typical handbag lining with ink stains and dirt that has built up over the years, to get handbag lining cleaning tips visit our spa page



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