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July 22, 2013
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July 24, 2013
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Handbag Spa

Handbag Spa

You always enjoy a relaxing weekend away at the spa, to give your body lift and to revitalise it and to make your skin look wonderful.

Every day you apply special creams to your skin, to protect it, moisturise it, care for it and to stop it drying it.

Spa’s offer an array of services including massages, facials, body treatments, manicure, pedicure, make-up and waxing. Every type of spa session can be customized to your desires to provide the perfect escape from everyday life, perhaps it’s for a quick massage or an entire day devoted to absolute bliss, your body will be rejuvenate and feeling fresh and looking stunning once again.

The exact same principals apply to your handbags, wallets, watches, suit cases, carry on cases, wash bags and any other form of luxury goods you may have invested in. Being a long establish company, we have the solotutions for all types of stain removal from designer handbags, perhaps you wnt some advice on the “best way to remove stains from a Gucci handbag ” ?

Leather is very special, so using professional products and people with knowledge who know how to care for leather is always a good move to protect your investment and pro long its life.

We have every type of solution you are looking for, we can help with all aspects of colour loss and fading, so if your looking for the “best way to restore the colour to a Mulberry, Bayswater handbag” we can help you with all aspects of this.

We have all the cleaning soloution you can think of, perhaps you have a stunning Hermes handbag ? if you want to know “how to clean a Hermes handbag” then we can help you.  Designer handbags need a great deal of care and understanding the leather is very important, items like Hermes handbags, should be left to the professionals, due to the natural nature of the leather, we are able to offer you the “best care, advice and storage of a Hermes designer handbag”

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