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August 8, 2013
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August 24, 2013
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Bag Repairs London Edge Painting and Repairs

How handbag edge painting is done

Being a major handbag repair company and manufacturers of care and restoration products, we always stay ahead of technology if we can. This is why we know how handbag edge painting is done.

Most people will know handbag edges can be unsightly when they are damaged.

When the edge starts to crack, look horrible and bitty, but we have developed a revolutionary system of how handbag edge painting is done in todays market.

What makes this handbag edge painting system so unique is its flexability, you can twist it, bend it, stretch it, sand it and coat it with lacquers.

With all these benefits it makes it one of the best handbag edging systems on the market today.

Handbag edges that are starting to give way are unsighly and reduces the value of a handbag considerably, once that edge has broken down the leather is open to attack.

If the edge is missing fully the edges can start to fray and this will then start to make the leather weak, once this starts to happen it can become a costly repair as replcement is then possibly the only way forward.

What is so fantastic about our handbag edge system is it comes pre coloured this can then be given a better durable coating by applying a lacquer sealer coats over the top of the handbag edges.

This is a an extremley durable lacquer finish that can come in several shades, matt, gloss, semi matt, semi gloss.

If you want to get a handbag repaired, find out how handbag edge painting is done and can increase the value of your handbag contact us

If you have any issues with the edges of your handbag or luxury leather item, simply ask us how handbag edge painting is done.

We can enhance your item giving it that stunning look once again.

You can find out further details about handbag restoration by visiting our page for luxury handbag care and repair

Shown below is an edge we have prepared in matt and gloss finish, as you can see this is how handbag edge painting is done by a professional using the most up to date technology

handbag edge paiting by professionals repair the edges of handbags and luxury leather items

If you have a handbag that have the edges gone simply send us an email via our contact us page and ask us how handbag edge painting is done

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