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July 22, 2013
this is a typical handbag lining with ink stains and dirt that has built up over the years, to get handbag lining cleaning tips visit our spa page
Handbag Lining Cleaning Tips
August 8, 2013
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How To Clean My Handbag

It is amazing how dirt can build up on your handbag, but its not just the dirt build up that is the issue, items that you leave in your bag all the time, like keys, tissues, little fluffy key rings are so unhygienic, its unreal, the amount of germs that are carried on keys etc is amazing, so not only do you need to know “how to clean my handbag” correctly, you should also consider cleaning items such as keys as the dirt builds up on these and causes stains on the inside fabric of handbags, purses and wallets.

Now it depends what type of leather your handbag is made from as to how you clean your handbag. Leathers come in all types, perhaps you have a pure vegetable tanned leather, this type of leather enhances over time and slowly builds its beauty and characteristics, in normal cases this type of leather can be wiped with a clean damp cloth, much deeper staining will require a great deal of care.

Many of the high end designer handbags are made from calfskin,  this is the hide of young cattle, this is considered to be the finest of leathers in the handbag industry, creating some of the finest softest leathers possible with an high quality look and feel to them.

Handbags that are made from goatskin and pigskins are again very soft and have a lovely supple feeling to them. Pigskins leathers are probably the most popular leather with suede handbags and luxury goods,  you will find with this it has a follicle pattern where the hair has been removed from the skin. Goatskins you will find these are a softer skin than cowhides, but these are a great deal tougher than skins like sheepskins, but you will notice these quickly as they have a very distinctive texture, this is very visible in its finish.

Stunning Pink Mulberry Bayswater in Pink with a very bad stain and then the stain removed

We get many different questions from our customers, “I have spilt milk on my handbag”, “I have chocolate drink on my handbag”, then we are always asked can you provide us some professional help and advice please as to “How To Clean My Handbag” considering you are leading experts in this field.

Interior fabrics can gain ink stains, what we would suggest you do is to lightly rub the area with alcohol cleaner, gently dabbing the area to absorb the ink, do not rub all over the area as this will cause the ink stain to grow considerably. Always make sure you test in a small hidden area first to ensure colour fastness. If the interior fabric just requires a clean and freshen up, then we have formulated a special fabric cleaner to enable this to be done, you can buy this from this site Handbag Interior Fabric Cleaner

One question we do get asked is “I was searching on Google and it said in a number of cases to use saddle soap on my handbag, but now its ruined !”  I wish I had never listened to Google and had just picked up the phone and rang you for professional care advice to begin with. It’s made my handbag worse than ever before and now I have huge dark stains on the handbag ! Please help.

With expensive designer hand crafted handbags the finish is very different and requires very different techniques to cleaning and care as these are dyed rather than painted. Dyed leather gives a much richer appeal, look and feel to the leather, but this will absorb moisture, grease, dirt, oil and so on. Due to it being able to absorb stains and dirt so quickly this in turn changes the colour of the handbag, when a handbag that is a dyed finish is cleaned in some cases you may find that this dye has to be re applied again as cleaning can remove some of this dye from the leather surface. What is very important is getting professional help. If you have become stuck simply click the question “Get Handbag Help”

Leathers that have a painted finish are by far the easiest to clean and maintain. The beauty of this type of finish is its much easier to clean and maintain,  as its possible to easily repel dirt, grease and grime, in general you will find that the painted leathers finish is a great deal more durable that a dyed leather, so will not get as dirty. Just because its a painted finish this does not mean oils, inks and chemical based products wont work their way into the leather and get fully embedded in to the skin as it will, with this type they will also require professional help to remove them. What this will require is full colour restoration, you can buy paints for handbags, but we would suggest when buying state the colour you require and state that is for a handbag, as handbag paints are very different to furniture and automotive paints on leathers. Here is a link to some handbag paints.

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