What you don’t get advised the day you purchase your leather item is it should be conditioned & protected at once.

This should be the first thing you do as soon as you take delivery your new handbag, jacket, wallet, cases,  furniture, car interior or other item of leather.

The Leather Care Plan we have created will help keep your leather in as perfect condition as its possibly can as long as you follow the plan to caring for your leathers finish.

The aim of the leather care plan is to remind you to clean and protect your leather  at the start of each season: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

Doing this you will greatly prolong the life of your leather and suprisingly this will reduce the chances of causing damage through head grease,  stains, spillages, wear & tear and fading.


The moment you get a new item, the first things to do is clean and protect it. This is of paramount of  importance you do this from day one as the moment you start using your leather, the surface will start to break down at once, so  PROTECT IT NOW- Leather needs protection just like your skin does and so does fabric, so just because you pay to have your fabric stain guard protected why not your leather ? With the conditioner / protectors we manufacture, you can be rest assured they will be protected to teh highest possible standards from day one.


To maintain your leather, we recommend that you use our leather care kit.  This kit offers soem fantastic benefits for your leather.

  • Cleans – Safely cleans all leather.  Once you have applied the protection cream,  What then happens is, all future dirt will be held on the invisable shield it creates on the surface of the leather, thiswill then wipe off very easily. It helps stop leathers absorbing dirt and fluids in the furture !
  • Conditions – Feeds the leather with natural oils and waxes preventing it from drying out, cracking and colour loss appearing in the future.
  • Repels Stains – It ads a barrier or protection whith a unique advanced technology in the conditioner that allows the leather to breath, but more importantly it will repel oil and water based stains, retaining them on the protective coating that has just been applied to the surface so the leather can easily be wiped clean without any worries at all.
  • Protects – Not only will this protect from stains, the leather conditioner or protection cream as some call it, adds an invisible barrier to the leather that helps protect the leather from the elements, such as sweets, skin, weare and tear, drinks, spilss, chemicals. When you sit on leather you cause friction, continous friction will wear away the leathers  surface coating causing your leather to become rough and faded in time if this is not stopped holes are next in line to appear in your leather !!. The colour will start to peel and flake away! The conditioner / protection cream helps absorb all friction and so can help prevent the above problems from starting to happen on your leathers surface….

You may think that rubbing your luxury leather handbag with a wet wipe will do the job ! Its one of the worst things you can do to your leather handbag or luxury  leather item. Only use the correct professional products you can buy from us directly, to clean, protect and nourish your designer leather handbags.

Remember that lovely new leather smell your designer handbag or luxury leather goods had when you purchased them and made this investment ? Well with the the products we manufacture in house you can gain that amazing aroma of quality and excellence once again, our premium plus leather cleaner has the built in aroma of leather, along with stain guards and softening agents to make your loved handbag smell of that fine qualities once again. This makes it probably the best leather cleaner in the world designed just for handbags, the good thing is we have 30 myears experience in leather so know everything about leather and how it works and what is required, so you know your dealing with one of the industry leaders in care and repair.


Modern Leathers – Why this product is ideal for it! – Most leather sold in shops and in all car interiors has what is know as a pigmented finish applied in the tannery. Basically it means that the leather is painted, then sealed with a clear coat lacquer.

When you see leather that is drying out and cracking it is not the leather that is drying out and cracking but what was applied to the surface when manufactured to begin with.

You need a product that protects the finish. The leather protection cream adds a protective barrier to the leather that will protect the finish from all types of wear and tear, using a correct Leather Care Plan is very important or it will end being a Leather Care & Repair Plan that is needed.