Leather Restoration & Repairs

With all leather restoration repairs, we handle bags, briefcases, gun cases, pool cue cases, golf bags, clothing, handbags, shoes & boots from all around the United Kingdom and Europe, some items that are very specialist items are sent in from all around the world for our trusted professionals to work up on. We carry out all types of Leather Restoration Repairs

We are unique in our approach to caring & treating your leather and handling all Leather Restoration Repairs

Taking the time and effort to make a perfect job, knowing that the items we deal with are often peoples prized possessions and in many cases owned by family members for generations. So always doing a  professional leather restoration & repairs is of up most importance to us.

We can restore the leather by matching the original colour, or we can change the colour of the leather to any colour specified by our clients. We have a data base of over 50,000 shades to ensure your Leather Restoration & Repairs are carried out to perfection.

We can custom paint leather items to customers exact bespoke requirements.

The process we go through is the best in the world, we don’t just pick up the phone and speak to someone at a tannery and ask to buy a leather skin, we care more than that, we go in person to every tannery until we find that matching skin just for you.

Richard Hutchins our MD personally visit several tanneries to ensure he hand select’s and pick’s the finest skins possible for all repairs, no other company in our industry has such a thorough selection process as we do.

We believe its the only way to ensure we are giving our customers more than they want and to continually “Exceed Our Customers Expectations” for Leather Restoration Repairs.