Nationwide leather bag repair & restoration of leather handbags, briefcases & luggage

Contact us today to talk about your requirements and how we can help with any care are issues you may have, To get a price we make it easy, Tel 01482 976803 

We are able to offer a full range services for all types of handbags, we have a team of fully qualified technicians on hand to care for your every need let our team care and repair your handbags, bringing them back to life again and back to as good as a new condition.

We can replace zips, linings, pockets, re sew joints that have come apart.

We are also specialists in old antique and vintage leather bag restorations.

We can repair and restore all types of Handbag, take a look at our Chanel Handbag Page 


Leather Bag Repair - Leather Purse Repair

“Restore or change the colour of all leather bags & luggage”


The products we use have been developed so they are perfectly capable of beautifully restoring leather handbags, They can be used to change the colour of the leather, as shown in the photo’s to the below.


We can work on any type of leather and change the colour to your own be spoke design or that new season colour. If you’re looking for help and advice, please do get in touch, perhaps you have a stunning Miu Miu hand and you want advice for the “best way to clean and care for my Miu Miu handbag” call us we can help 01482 976803

Leather Bag Repair - Leather Purse Repair

“Years of experience repairing & restoring leather designer handbags, briefcases & luggage”


We have been restoring leather handbags, briefcases & luggage for years.

We can repair anything from our most common request – ink stains & drink stains, to rips & burns, and loose stitching. Perhaps you have an ink stain on your Fendi handbag and require this removing and would like help with the “best way to remove an ink stain from my Fendi handbag”.


We also restore the leathers by matching their original colour, or we can change the colour of the leather to any colour specified by our customers, in fact any type of leather bag repair.


We are one of the UK’s only specialists in the repair and restoration of Gladstone cases and bags, if you have a case you would like doing please do get in touch.


Handbags are of great value and very personal to each person. Being lovers of handbags and collectors we understand this. We are perfectionists and take great pride in our abilities and craftsmanship, to ensure all items are restored fully to the finest possible condition.


We understand sending items of such value via the post is a risk, if you want to do this any other way we are here to help as much as we possibly can, you can always contact us 01482 976803 to talk this through for the best method of getting your handbag to us.


Knowing you are dealing with a company who has been dealing with and around leather for 30 years, give you the assurance that your handbags are going to the right place. Being one of the most experienced companies around today, offering some of the most advanced care, restoration and cleaning techniques on the market.


Perhaps you want to find a solution to touch up a small area of colour loss on a handbag, then below is a solution for you, we have developed these Leather Repair Pens to enable people to carry out small touch up quickly and to perfection, when you click on the link below it will take you to our Leather Repair Pens site.


We have also developed a perfect partner in small and minor touch ups on leather handbags the leather repair pen, you can buy these on line by visiting the store.


You can email directly or call 01482 976803