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December 8, 2016
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December 27, 2016
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Help The Homeless

Inside the igloo!

We all love this time of the year. Well, most of us do! The bitter coldness, the rain, wet, sleet, icy roads but most importantly, we love the snow (when it actually snows). We come up with great snow building ideas. 2010 was our last heavy snowfall. We.. I say we. But I mean ME. I built an igloo while my son who got bored half way through and watched from the window inside. He didn't see the appeal. I had an absolute blast playing big kid!
We did have a massive, massive snow fight though. We built little forts with snow walls. Then, it happened. The igloo, gone. My igloo, destroyed. He jumped onto his electric quad and rode straight into my work of art! He laughed so hard, he fell off his quad - so I did what any parent would do. I started to bury him! He gave in. Victory was mine. Retreating inside for hot chocolate and marshmallows.... that day was a good day.

Most of us are in the fortunate position of having a great Christmas to look forward to. Family gatherings, laughter, food, lots of food, Granddad + Grandma with some old fashioned dancing. Dad, doing his.. well... Dad dance. 2 things happen at this point: we're either too jolly and merry to care... or we dig our heads into the palms of our hands shamefully wishing this was just a bad dream... "This... is...my...dad.... help me!"

However, they are some of us who don't get to enjoy Christmas like we do. These are the homeless. The winter has the harshest months for this group of people. Some of these homeless, are army veterans. Some fell on bad times. Some lost their jobs, then lost their houses. Some, just need to be giving that self confidence to help them find their way again. What they all are, are humans. They are people, like me, you, your siblings, your family and friends. They deserve a little more than what they have, or rather, don't have.

This time of year often sees groups of people come together to do amazing work. Soup kitchens working over time. Local companies opening on Christmas day to provide free hot meals. People leave their own families over Christmas to help those on the streets feel loved. To feel like they have someone who is there for them, to help them in their time of need.

Whilst we aren't cooks here, we can't provide hot food or free accommodation. We're trying to do our own little bit. You've all heard of the "Christmas shoebox", mainly for young children in poverty stricken countries. We're doing this, for the local homeless people. We've packed dozens of boxes with useful winter items, along with separate boxes for snacks.
It's not much, but if it puts a little smile on someones face or a slight sparkle in their eye... we'll be happy. If you, our customers, our local community members can or want to help in any way possible. Please, please get in touch.

Have a great Christmas, spare a thought for those who need a little helping hand.

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