60ml Leather Handbag Cleansing Spray
Handbag Cleaner Cleansing Spray ™ 125ml
January 24, 2015
Premium Mousse Cleaner 250ml, perfectlt safe for cleaning handbags
Premium Mousse Cleaner ™ 250ml
January 24, 2015
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Handbag Cleaning Kit

Cleaning & Maintenance Handbag Care Kit


Handbag cleaning kit, to help keep your handbag clean and in perfect shape all year round, always remember to protect as often as you can, this will help stop stains and dirt build up.

Handbag Cleaning Kit, Taking Carer Of All Your Luxury Handbag Cleaning & Care Issues.

Leather Detailer Spray ™ 125ml

Is a mild cleaner and protector in one and will help to stop stains. With added leather aroma scents, the world’s only leather detailer, the perfect companion for leather maintenance, the special molecules coat your beautiful item with the finest protection money can possibly buy today.

Will help stop damage happening such as ink from newspapers, denim dye , grease, soft / fizzy drinks and more.

  • Professional Maintenance Spray
  • Exclusive Designer Collection
  • Helps To Nourish The Leather
  • Professional Results
  • Keeps Leather Soft & Supple
  • Leather Maintenance Spray

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Handbag Cleaner Cleansing Spray ™ 125ml

A gentle handbag cleaner, easy to use for every day handbag cleaning. Can be used on finished and unfinished leathers, with a mild and heavy soiling.

Simply spray the handbag cleaner onto a soft sponge or a lint free cloth and gently massage into the leather. On stubborn stains you can repeat this process until all stains have been removed.

The handbag cleaner while its cleaning can infuse a beautiful aroma of traditional English leather again.

  • Gentle Cleaning Action
  • Exclusive Designer Collection
  • Helps To Nourish The Leather
  • Professional Results
  • Handbag Cleaner

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Premium Mousse Cleaner ™

My Bag Care ™ Premium Mousse Cleaner is for stubborn stains, dirt and grease. Can be used on aniline, finished and unfinished leather, to provide a high strength cleaning action, to remove dirt build up and to help remove stains.

Apply the product using one of the special cloths or sponge, gently massaging the mousse into the leather to clean all dirty areas. As the mousse lifts the dirt away from the leather, then wipe excess residue off and proceed to protect and condition.

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Weight 1300 kg


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