60ml Leather Handbag Cleansing Spray
Handbag Cleaner Cleansing Spray ™ 60ml
December 16, 2013
60ml Stain Defence, protection for handbags from stains and spills
Stain Defence ™ 60ml
January 24, 2015
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60ml Leather Detailer Spray

Leather Detailer Spray ™ 60ml


A Leather maintenance spray perfect for keeping your handbag and luxury leather items looking new, perfection, with the worlds only leather detailer spray for handbags and luxury leather items and luggage.

My Bag Care Is an Exclusive Designer Brand of handbag care Products, all manufactured here in the UK, to the finest ingredient’s possible.

A Leather maintenance spray perfect for keeping your handbag and luxury leather items looking new, perfection with the world’s only leather detailer spray for handbags

Is a mild cleaner and protector in one and will help to stop stains. With added leather aroma scents, the world’s only leather detailer, the perfect companion for leather maintenance, the special molecules coat your beautiful item with the finest protection money can possibly buy today.

Can be used on aniline, finished and unfinished leather. Leather Detailer Spray

Will help stop damage happening such as ink from newspapers, denim dye , grease, soft / fizzy drinks and more.

  • Professional Maintenance Spray
  • Exclusive Designer Collection
  • Helps To Nourish The Leather
  • Professional Results
  • Keeps Leather Soft & Supple
  • Leather Maintenance Spray

Spray directly onto one of the special lint free cloths and massage into the leather and allow to dry, once dry buff the product to lock in the protection, brings back that amazing leather aroma once again.

Helps to waterproof your handbag, the maintenance spray is probably the world’s finest around today.

Comes in two handy sizes, the small bottle is perfect for fitting into your handbag, ready to have on hand, when you need to give your handbag a quick spray to remove soiling that have appeared on it. The leather maintenance spray is the perfect partner to have around for all those emergencies, not only does it clean, it protects at the same times, with its world class molecule coating systems.

Not recommended for use on suede and nubuck leathers. The use of this product on some leathers may cause darkening, this is temporary and the leather will go back to its normal shade.

Weight 150 kg


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