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January 24, 2015
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Premium Mousse Cleaner 250ml, perfectlt safe for cleaning handbags

Premium Mousse Cleaner ™ 250ml


Premium Mousse Cleaner, an extremely high quality deep down, but extremely gentle handbag cleaner, perfect for all types of cleaning, helps removes stains and stubborn deep down dirt and soiling.



Premium Mousse Cleaner Perfect for gentle but deep down safe cleaning of all types of handbags

My Bag Care ™ Premium Mousse Cleaner is for stubborn stains, dirt and grease. Can be used on aniline, finished and unfinished leather, to provide a high strength cleaning action, to remove dirt build up and to help remove stains.

Cleaning with the premium mousse cleaner provides you with everything to keep your leather in perfect shape, soft and supple.

  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Easy Foaming Action
  • Gentle But Powerful
  • Perfect For Designer Handbags
  • Helps Keep Handbags Soft

The powerful cleaning actions of the premium mousse cleaner, help with dye transfer removal, if this is carried out at an early stage.

Using the premium mousse cleaner give you much greater control over the cleaning at hand, works perfectly on aniline and pull up leather for optimum cleaning actions.

Not recommended for use on suede and nubuck leathers.  The use of this product on some leathers may cause darkening, this is temporary and the leather will go back to its normal shade.

Apply the product using one of the special cloths or sponge, gently massaging the mousse into the leather to clean all dirty areas. As the mousse lifts the dirt away from the leather, then wipe excess residue off and proceed to protect and condition.

Weight 350 kg


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