60ml Leather Detailer Spray
Leather Detailer Spray ™ 60ml
January 24, 2015
60ml Stain Defence, protection for handbags from stains and spills
Stain Defence ™ 125ml
January 24, 2015
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60ml Stain Defence, protection for handbags from stains and spills

Stain Defence ™ 60ml


Stain Defence, helps stop stains from daily use, protects and preserves all in one, the guaranteed coating system for your luxury handbag.

My Bag Care Is an Exclusive Designer Brand of handbag care Products, all manufactured here in the UK, to the finest ingredient’s possible.


Stain Defence guaranteed results,  the market leading protection systems stops stains and spills damaging your leather items,

Stain Defenceis a special mixture of ingredients to provide your leather item with a stain guard.

Can be used on aniline, finished and unfinished leather, to provide protection against stains like Grease, dirt build up, soft /  fizzy drinks, coffee, wine, denim dye, newspaper inks and more.

Providing a waterproof protection to all leather goods, helps stop stains, from all types of items, like fizzy drinks, make up, perfume, wine, food and hand creams.

  • Stops Stains
  • Provides A Stain Defence
  • Barrier Of Protection
  • Stop Wine Stains
  • Guaranteed Results

Spray directly onto one of the special lint free cloths and massage into the leather and allow to dry.

Not recommended for use on suede and nubuck leathers. The use of this product on some leathers may cause darkening, this is temporary and the leather will go back to its normal shade.

If you are using this product on a used item, make sure its perfectly cleaned prior to applying the

Stain defence   You can use the Cleaning Sprayto remove any soiling on the leather.

For help and advice, contact My Bag Care ™

Weight 150 kg


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