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July 20, 2013
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July 22, 2013
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Leather Handbag Repair Training

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Leather Handbag Repair Training

Handbags require special training and is a very different process to standard leathers due to the fine delicate nature of the skins used to manufacture handbags.

We can work around you and your company to meet your leather handbag repair training requirements.

If its just teaching your staff a basic understanding of leather or teaching everything from cleaning to restoration or 1 on 1 or group sessions, we listen to you to offer the best courses we can.

The handbag repair course teaches everything about large scale restoration of designer and luxury handbags.

You will learn how to repair all surface damages to the leather, such as rough areas, abrasion, and bad scuffs and scratches. You will be shown how to fix the above problems making the leather perfect once again and we will then look at restoring the colour to the leather. Other things covered in our leather training courses are specialist cleaning processes.

We look at the whole process from cleaning and preparing, to applying colour and sealing it in.

We will go through all areas such as leather types, colour mixing, identifying leathers and how to care for each type, we will also explain the process of how leather is made on handbags compared to traditional methods used on furniture and car leathers.

Leather handbag repair training is very unique from us, being one of the best known in our industry puts us at the for front of leather care, rpair and restoration of handbags.


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